about us


Mona Siag Jewelry, established in Cairo, Egypt in 1985, is a jewelry design house renowned for its unique and impressive one-of-a-kind and limited production handmade sterling silver and semi-precious stone creations. Our product categories include jewelry and accessories for women and men as well as exquisite home decor items.

 In keeping with Egypt’s long tradition of craftsmanship and artistry, Mona Siag Jewelry blends ancient motifs with modern influences to handcraft striking and memorable pieces for all occasions. Jewelry and fine craftsmanship have been embedded in the Egyptian culture since the time of the Pharaohs dating as far back as 7000 B.C. In our designs you will find Ancient Egyptian, Arabic and Bedouin influences as well as religious and modern motifs. Other inspirations include Turkish and Nomad designs. At Mona Siag Jewelry, we strive to keep the best of the legacy of our ancient culture alive while we think ahead in fashion-forward trendsetting ways to make pieces that will speak for themselves in today’s rapidly evolving modern culture. With our eclectic integration of old and new, we bring you all that you need to express your individuality with glamour, elegance and style.

We pride ourselves on the exclusivity of our products, as each piece of jewelry or home decor is distinctive in its own right. All our home and office products are hand-made, hand-engraved or hand-embossed. The granulation and applied filigree technique involved in some of the manufacturing of the silver and gold parts of our jewelry and home decor items is a delicate and time-consuming procedure. We take great pride in this art which distinguishes our unique and stylish collections. Our manufacturers along with our designers, share a level of enthusiasm in the art of jewelry making and are scrupulous with measurements and the finishing of all pieces. Our exclusivity extends to our clientele by providing them with the opportunity to customize their pieces, a privilege many design houses do not offer. We also customize items with gold and diamonds upon special request.

 Our intricate and beautiful jewelry collections are composed of internationally imported semi-precious stones in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. We also import international brands, including Atlantis Rings and Smiley World, which you can find on display in our showroom in Cairo.